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Google 1 article
Reader's Digest UK

What does Google know about you?

We all use it every day. It's so trusted that we tell it our embarrassing health problems, all our perverted desires, and is used so often it has transcended from brand name to verb. With access to so much personal information, what does Google have on us?

Album of the month gabriel bruce 1 article
Reader's Digest UK

Come All Sufferers by Gabriel Bruce – "A brooding preacher of lost love"

Gabriel Bruce's first album drew comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, his laments on love and death seemed full of potential if not a little immature. His new album Come All Sufferers comes from a real place of pain and resurrects Bruce as a lyricist and storyteller of biblical proportions.

Billie holiday 1 article
Reader's Digest UK

The evolution of music: Blues, jazz and the rise of popular music ...

At the turn of the 20th century, popular music existed in the form of light opera, or "operetta," and in the theatrical entertainment. Fifty years later, the Western world's teenagers bopped to rock'n'roll. Find out how the arrival of blues and jazz transformed popular music paving the way for modern music.

Giphy article
Reader's Digest UK

Prince—the enigmatic, androgynous, sexy genius | Celebrities, Music | Reader's Digest

Prince was a one-of-a-kind. He shrouded himself in mystery, oozed sex, and he may well be the most prolific songwriter of all time. As we mourn his death we take a look at what made him so fascinating, and fantastic.

Pj harvey the hope six demolition project zps1uoupd2p article
Reader's Digest UK

PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project – Politically poetic ...

PJ Harvey delivers a politicised album about story-telling, community and observation. The Hope Six Demolition Project is smart, poetic, devastating, incredibly beautiful and will leave you thinking.

Giphy article

Adverts Made Me Realise I’m A Social Failure

I had contracted what is commonly referred to as the ‘kissing virus’, AKA Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), and yes, it absolutely was kissing that led to my contamination. I had rejected the boy in question about a month previous by not contacting him, which is still absolutely the most mature way to say “I don’t want to hang out with you again,” even when you are rapidly approaching 30.

David bowie 1973 article
Reader's Digest UK

A life in pictures: David Bowie

David Bowie has gone by many names—Davy Jones, Major Tom, Ziggy Stardust, Thin White Duke. This so-called chameleon of music mastered the art of onstage personas, and has an astounding photo album, with a legacy to match.

Wood4 1918630a article
Reader's Digest UK

Victoria Wood: A life in comedy

Victoria Wood is one of Britain's finest comedy writers. Her talent spanned both screen and stage, and has made her one of our best-loved entertainers. What more fitting way to celebrate her life than to look back at her crowning comedy moments.

Ipad evo article
Reader's Digest UK

The evolution of the iPad

The creation of the iPad dates back further than you might imagine. Apple has been toying with tablets since 1979 when they created the Apple Graphics tablet, but the real vision came in 1983.

54be957eeb2901421776254 article
Reader's Digest UK

Björk - Vulnicura - A Bodily Experience

Throughout Björk’s career, spanning over two decades, she has never failed to deliver astounding beauty in her music. Her surprise release Vulnicura is no different.

Screen shot 2016 01 14 at 17.52.30 article
Reader's Digest UK

How the Oculus Rift is going to change the world—probably

It's causing a huge stir among gadget nerds and gamers, but what is the Oculus Rift and how might it change the world we live in?

Plato 1 article
Reader's Digest UK

What the philosophers think about love

Love. It's been the focal point of philosophers and scientists for centuries. Although we may understand some of the biological urges of love and sex, it still manages to take us by surprise, our impulses baffling us. Here's what the philosophers have had to say about it over time.

Tumblr nwfo6gosgd1tlrio8o9 1280 article
Reader's Digest UK

7 dating anxieties to overcome when you're over 50

Dating is awkward at any age, but when you're over 50 there are a whole new set of challenges facing you. Daunting as it may seem, dating is still fun, and love is still out there.

Arcade fire the reflektor tapes 37876 3 article

The Reflktor Tapes: a collage of visuals, music and narrative

Music films have been done to death and are usually the domain of the superfan. Arguably its best incarnation was achieved in 1984, with Talking Head’s innovative Stop Making Sense – a concert movie that strikes the perfect balance between music, spectacle and art. Things get a little more complicated when ‘documentary’ gets thrown into the mix...

Apple watch healthcare article
Reader's Digest UK

The Apple Watch to revolutionise healthcare, but not just yet ...

The Apple Watch to revolutionise healthcare, but no...